The Motivation Behind These Stores

My goal is to provide a short cut learning plan and systematized technological tools for you to become a stable and global higher mind human. One who is capable of defining and achieving a Grand Destiny that also contributes to returning planet Earth to a thriving environment via transitioning mankind into an age of joyous and compassionate responsible abundance on our way to unlocking eternal life and intergalactic travel.

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If you really want to speed up the global transition towards a golden age of mankind then start putting together a team of people to consume all of this content as soon as possible. A collaborative group with all of these skill sets makes everything possible.

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As an Amazon Affiliate I will gain a small commission from each sale through this store. I will use this income to maintain my websites and travel, expanding the awareness of Joy and Optimism around the world. As the group of Higher Mind Humans grows, we will collaboratively develop new ways to meetup, co-create, thrive and share the rewards of our learning and productive labor.