I Am

A Human Being


I am a Human Being.
I remember the past.
I live in the NOW.
I imagine the future.
In this way,
I exist in the past,
NOW and the future,

All at Once.

time worm1

I have reawakened to discover my core values.
My values are characteristics of my self that stem into beliefs.
My values and beliefs are my reality filters which facilitate my perspective.
They subconsciously determine my emotional reactions to everything I experience.
Clarifying my core values, I begin to define my true destiny with open eyes.
Then I begin to imagine being other people, into infinite detail.
In this way, I am individual and I am ALL People,

All at Once.

Human Spiritual Development

Emotions Plutchik-wheel.svg

If I stand on the line known as the Equator of Earth,
Then Our Earth is spinning me at ~1,700 Kilometres per hour,
Our Solar System is spinning Our Earth at ~107,000 Kilometres per hour,
Our Milky Way Galaxy is spinning Our Solar System at ~792,000 Kilometres per hour,
Our Universe is spinning Our Galaxy at ~1,404,000 Kilometres per hour.
This causes me to believe I am moving much faster than this,
And that I am moving through still frames of reality.

08 Energy of Movement

As I observe the patterns of energy on these Heavenly Levels of Reality.
I compare them to the world I see, and the micro worlds within my body.
I see the same patterns repeat on every level, on every scale, everywhere.
The invisible will become visible, and the visible becomes a tool of change.
The change, is directly relative to what I define as my core values and beliefs.

sacred geometry

My awareness of these patterns of energy is always evolving,
To more deeply and accurately define who and what I am.
As I learn how to manipulate each new pattern of energy,
My ability to change everything grows faster towards infinity.

evo-spiral-0[2] [Converted]

In this way, I am an evolving perspective of ALL THAT IS.
I am a Human Being with Infinite Creative Potential,
If only I choose to believe that I am.
I am EVERYTHING I believe I am, because I am Human.
I am Love, I am Light, I am Choice, I am Voice, I am Infinite.

All Human Beings Are Infinite.

Human Being

In Truth and Sincerity,
I Gift to You My Unconditional Love.

Luke Nathan: of the Hayes family
Born December 03, 1982.

My Gift to You:

Click Here to hear me recite some more of my poetry

Click Here to Discover A Pattern to Facilitate A Global Paradigm Shift Into Our Infinite Future

I spent 5 years of my life refining the patterns within it to this level of Simplicity and Synchronicity.
This Journey Is Ready To Go Exponential.
The Destination Is Up To All Of Us.
The Light Of Love Is Yours.
Choose To Shine It As

8 wishes by Luke on 24 March, 2014 at 19:24 GMT +10:00:

I wish for all people to gift themselves permission to forgive all and embrace the now.
I wish for all people to realise that money distorts and diminishes unconditional love.
I wish for all people to believe that human society will flourish in peace without money.
I wish for all people to define the values they wish to become the foundation of society.
I wish for all people to define the values they wish to experience in each part of society.
I wish for all people to believe that whole community conversation is the way to peace.
I wish for all people to realise that each of us is responsible for all of us and all that is.
I wish for all people to gift themselves awareness of their infinite creative potential.

I meditate on these wishes regularly.
Each time I do this, I notice loving change in the world.
If you also wish for them please meditate/focus/pray on them regularly.

Here is an Avaaz Online Petition to World Leaders. Click Here to Visit the Page

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