I CHOOSE INFINITY has had numerous versions since I registered the domain in 2013. My goal as of September 2016 is to provide a portfolio of my work, a personal blog and a price guide for potential customers and collaborators wishing to access my time, skills and resources for personal, commercial and artistic endeavours. My name is Luke Nathan Hayes, please call me “Luke.”


Web Design services using the WordPress Content Management System.

Social Media services using an effective mix of systems for various platforms.

Intelligent Automation of services to maximise the efficiency of time online.

Custom Training services for online tools and internet connected devices.

Business Plan evaluations, marketing advice & collaborative development.

Outsourcing Advice & strategic introductions for business & personal life.

If you have money &/or your ethics are in the same format as mine, I’ll help.


Business partners to collaborate on launching new commercial ventures.


My time & services occasionally for good people, fun events & good causes.


Use the Contact page to provide testimonials or request a call.