Alternate Reality Gaming

Today I saw a TV Segment on DW German TV via Bris31 Digital, about Sudden Life Gaming

“Wikipedia: Translated from German to English.”

Sudden Life Gaming:

acts directly in the daily lives of participants of alternate reality games and adventure stories. In general, the person concerned knowingly take part in a game and be involved with the help of various media such as telephone, email or post in the course. However, there are also forms of Sudden Life Gaming, in which people are randomly surprised.

In the known ARG “I Love Bees” (2004), rang payphones throughout the United States at certain times. When unsuspecting passers decreased, they heard strange sounds like something from another world and were able to speak with an extraterrestrial intelligence – a typical case of Sudden Life Gaming. In addition, there are also Sudden Life gaming experiences, effects arising from direct encounters with people, so of staged actor inserts.

It is crucial for the functioning of Sudden Life Gaming that those affected can not be sure what they expected when. The extent, nature and length of the experiences vary. You may be limited to brief moments or over several weeks and result from various items such as phone calls, mailings or e-mails, which merge gradually into a story or constellation.

In this way immersion is created and gradually increased: The players are specifically set with fictitious or partly fictional content in relation to which they must behave. This case, the boundaries between fiction and reality blur, what the desired affective response may be beneficial.

End of Wikipedia Translation.

What if we were to apply this concept to the network of systems and connect it all via the concept of a High Definition Human Aura Operating System of Life?

There are nearly 100 start-up concept systems which could easily be launched.
Covered in 130 pages which are under review, plus documents & videos.

Click Here to review my post describing the HD Aura OS of Life.

Possible Entry Point:

To Co-Define Reality
By Empowering Operators
Might We Create “The One?”

Design and develop systematic invitations for beings to seek enlightenment
Build a HD Aura OS to define culturally harmonized, virtuous learning pathways
Simultaneously crowdsource patterns for a global translation iconography dataset
Combine icon data with patterns of verbal and text language to translate + transcribe
Evolve learning pathways, reputation algorithms, emotion filters and virtuous filters
Constantly overlay and evolve patterns of questions, statements, actions and keys
Observe and mimic natural patterns of energy and the Sacred Geometry of Life
Keep It Simple, Virtuous, Benevolent, and based upon Free Will of Choice.

Might We Create “The One”
To Empower Operators
To Co-Define Reality?

People With Energy Drive and Will Power Required!

Contact me if you are interested in defining and creating Alternate Reality Gaming.
Especially if you have drive and/or experience in the following field of expertise:

Recruiting, Training and Assessment, Event Management, Software Development, Game
Development, Graphic Design, Photography, Film Production, Environmental Engineering, Architecture, 3D Printing Systems, Nano-Materials Science, Advanced Physics, Linguistics,
Cultural Studies: Ceremony, Sexuality, Relationships, Humanities, Governance, Migration, Storytelling, Iconography, Performance, Music, Sculpture, Art, Journalism and Science.


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