The Age Of Infinity Is Beginning

Imagine what the world would become in one generation if every question children asked in good conscience, was met with a truthful answer, in a context they understand.

Imagine a world where almost all human error is removed from teaching, governance, design and manufacturing, without removing humans from the process.

Imagine a world where high density ecosystems provide abundant healthy food and shelter while also cleaning the environment and revitalising the local population and wildlife.

Imagine a world where every living soul has a voice in a global conversation and real time language translation empowers everyone to easily communicate with anyone, the environment and technology.

Imagine a world where the neutral Internet and the dark web are completed by the addition of a third body of knowledge and social interaction, distinctly in Good Conscience.

Would this world be more balanced and exciting and fulfilling to live in?

I Choose Infinity.

Do You?

ichooseinfinity.com is a series of thought experiments originating from around the world and filtered through the mind of Luke Nathan: of the Hayes family, and then arranged into patterns of sudden life gaming.

When ichooseinfinity.com re-opens, any living soul with Internet access can begin to explore the foundation patterns for a world of Responsible Abundance, and together we can further define ways to experience The Age of Infinity.

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Some of my websites:
W: http://ichooseinfinity.com
Version 1 of ichooseinfinity.com is defunct. I have quite a few .xml save files from the 12 months it was online, plus I have lots of data stored offline for anyone interested in checking it out. When I let version 1 lapse there was over 150 pages of content and thought experiments relating to inspiring a global shift towards responsible abundance for all life on Earth. Now the Focus is “Compassionate Global Responsible Abundance.”

To raise funds for sudden life gaming, I have set up:
Infinity Store 1: Clothing: Click Here
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Please Buy Lots of Items and Help Raise Awareness.
Custom Store Variations Available, Specifically for Collaborative Fundraising on Worthwhile Goodwill Causes.

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In 2015 I am beginning to travel again.
Seeking Travel Partners and Activity Partners Worldwide.

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Wave Riding, In particular Bodyboarding
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